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LNHBA's Best of the Lake Awards

The Lake Norman Home Builders Association held their annual Best of the Lake Awards Friday, November 7th, 2014 at NorthStone Country Club in Huntersville, NC. The design competition was created for local builders, architects, designers and remodelers to showcase any projects they have completed within the past two years. As associate members of the association and closing attorney’s for some of the applicants, Shapiro and Ingle was in attendance to cheer on our clients. We are happy to announce that Lakemist Homes took home the award for Best of The Lake in the Custom Home category. This marks Lakemist’s fifth consecutive win in the category. Owner of the company and president of the LNHBA, Jim Feldman has been a true asset to work with. Along with his son and Senior VP of the company, Aaron, Jim has been putting up beautiful custom homes in the Lake Norman area for over a decade (visit their website below to view their work).

We want to offer our congratulations to all of the night’s winners and thank the association for putting on another excellent event.

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Remote (Control) Closings

Location, Location, Location

We all know how important these three words are in real estate. Our firm has taken it one step further and made them important to you and the closing process.

Shapiro and Ingle proudly offers a variety of alternatives to executing the closing at our main office in Charlotte, NC. We are more than happy to utilize our spacious conference rooms for your closing but we understand your world does not stop just because pages need signing.

For the convenience of all those involved, our firm will gladly conduct the closing at any of the following locations:

• Lender’s office

• Agent’s office

• Public Location

• Via Email

• Knights New Uptown Stadium @ BB&T Ballpark in our very own suite

With this much “remote” control over your closing, you’d think you were watching TV.

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Thanksgiving and Stuff(ing)

As we near the holiday of Thanksgiving, our office reflects upon “the little things” for which we are grateful. Here are a few of the things that bring smiles to our faces, fist bumps to our neighbors and thank-you emails to our sent folders:

-When we receive a new shipment of coffee for our break room

-When an email says “see attachment” and the attachment is actually there

-When you restart your computer and all desktop icons are still in their correct positions

-When there is an open parking spot on the front row of the office

-When there are multiple people addressed on an email and the recipient remembers to hit “reply all”

-When you come into the office and your chair from yesterday is the same as today

-When the printer complies to your request before you give up and to walk away from it

-When you clock out for the night and nobody stops to talk to you on your way out the building

-When you are running late to work and catch all green lights

-When you receive your mail for the day and it is all properly addressed to you

-When you come across a funny name on a document

While some of the above items are a bit tongue in cheek, we do want to give a sincere thank you to all of our hardworking employees. Just like a successful Thanksgiving dinner, our office performs to its best when everyone is able to bring something to the table.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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From the Rough to the Green

Last Friday, October 4th, Shapiro and Ingle sent a couple of our “best” golfers to participate in the Lake Norman Home Builders Association semi-annual golf tournament. This event was created to provide an interactive setting for all members of the real estate industry. On hand were builders, agents, lenders, home improvement experts, landscape specialists and many more. Our firm was eager to participate in this event for multiple reasons. Not only are we happy to support local businesses, we are also excited about the return of growth in real estate.

We had the opportunity to speak with many of the event sponsors who shared this same sentiment. We heard many times that the return of the market means new inventory and that this will also provoke homeowners interested in selling their homes. This is just the spark that the real estate industry needs.

In order to get a house ready for sale, maintenance is required. Once the home is ready to be sold, a real estate agent will be needed. Then there is a need for a new home. Bring in the lender, another agent and a closing attorney. This new house will need furniture and appliances. After a few more months this same house may need an addition or a pool…I think you get the point. The return of the market means business for the entire real estate trade; and isn’t that great news for us all?

We could not have asked for a better fall day or more generous sponsors. Every couple of holes we were greeted at the tee box by local businessmen/women. They educated us on the specifics of their respective businesses and politely offered us refreshments and promotional items. Many even offered words of encouragement after multiple tee shots were sprayed into the woods.

Our firm sponsored a tee box as well. Our Closing Department Manager, Colleen Sheridan, as well as one of our Closing Attorneys, Alison Wadsworth, had the pleasure of meeting all the foursomes participating in the tournament. They helped to keep the atmosphere energetic and light by offering libations and hosting a long drive competition with the winner of each foursome taking home a Shapiro and Ingle golf umbrella.

All were in agreement that the day was an overwhelming success even though some of the scores were not. It was great to reconnect with fellow businesses in the area, that are all focusing on the same goal:

Provide excellent service in an effort to continue to grow and develop our neighborhood.

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Where Do I Know You From?

This is a question we ask nearly every day as we navigate through life at 100 miles per hour. It can be difficult to pin point why or how we know what we know. Very rarely do we sit down and memorize names, dates and places like we did in school the night before an exam. Now our brains strain to drink in all that is thrown at us while we furiously cross off our to-do lists and manage our everyday tasks.

So then, how does a law firm that has been around for a quarter century receive the recognition it deserves? We create advertisements with the right message for the right people in the right places to remind them that we are great at what we do.

Shapiro and Ingle currently has two print advertisements running in publications that are well-respected and well-positioned. DSnews is the default-servicing industry’s sole high-end publication dedicated to delivering breaking news, helpful tips and overviews of the current REO landscape. This is a magazine read by professionals in every area of the mortgage loan servicing industry including, executives, asset managers, real estate agents, lenders and attorneys to name a few. The Charlotte Business Journal has an established readership in its own right as the city’s primary source for who and what is making an economic impact on the Queen City. Business elites turn to it every Friday and we are pleased to be one of the companies included in this publication.

However, it is not simply enough to choose the correct periodical for your advertisement. An advertisement must also convey the right message to its audience. If it's too plain, it will never get noticed, too wordy and it won't get read, too flashy and it can be off-putting. We strove for balance and that is what we feel we achieved. In The Charlotte Business Journal, we highlighted the flow of everyday life, home and work. With DSnews we put together a bold message in a simple format. We put the well-known faces of managing partner, Grady Ingle, and operations manager, Elizabeth Ells, along with our practicing areas into one neat package.

Now that we have put all the work into our award-worthy (in our humble opinion) advertisements, we can finally sit back and wait to be noticed. Okay, we're kidding. Now we have work to do. Now we have something to reference to clients, friends, referrals, strangers and the like. You have seen a snapshot of our company. Now, it is time for us to deliver on our words.

Advertisements beg the question "Where do I know you from?"

Performance answers it.

And we're ready to perform

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An All enCOMPASSing Website

Picture a closing process where the agents, attorney, buyer and seller are all on the same page...more specifically the same webpage.

With the debut of Shapiro and Ingle's online file tracking system, Compass, that is exactly what we have done. Compass is the brainchild of our Closing and IT Departments that wanted to create a simple way for all parties of the closing transaction to be up to date and informed on the completion of all important milestones throughout the lifecycle of the file.

Compass was designed with two main ideas in mind: be informational and easy to use. Compass is accessible through the top of our homepage. First time users will click on the Register link to get started. Returning users are able to go straight to Login and access their profile. Registration is simple and straightforward. We have also included instructions for your convenience. After you have logged in, you will be brought to the home screen of Compass where all of your properties files will be located once you have linked them. To link properties to your account enter in the 8 digit file number (xx-xxxxxx) as well as the four-digit PIN located on your agent sheet. Once you have linked your property, you will now be able to follow along as Shapiro and Ingle schedules and completes the closing milestones.

Naturally, we are excited about the addition of Compass to our new closing website. We are currently planning a launch party to introduce it to both old and new friends of Shapiro and Ingle.

Check back for the official announcement of our Compass launch party!

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Website Launch

Hello and Welcome!

We are excited to have our new closing website up and running. We designed this website with three things in mind: to be informative, easy to use and up to date.

We have laid out each of the services our Closing Department provides. Each page contains a brief yet detailed explanation of what we offer.

Our user friendly website is intended to guide you through our closing services, give an overview of the closing process and allow for your inquiries to be submitted in just a few minutes. Once we have received your executed contract, you will be able to log into our website and follow the closing process through our exclusive tracking system, Compass. This unique tracking feature ensures that you remain an integral part of the process.

We encourage you to continue to check out our News section to find out about what is going on within our office, the community and the closing industry overall.

Have a question about your upcoming closing? Care to make a suggestion about the website? Curious about the closing process? Contact us using the tab at the top.

We look forward to working with you!

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