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Refinance Services

A refinance is a loan modification that allows you to alter the terms of your existing loan, such as interest rate, monthly payment, or duration of repayment. Unlike a traditional closing, you will coordinate with a lender to obtain approval for a new loan. The next step is to contact us with your lender’s information in order to begin the closing process.

Your refinance will proceed much like a traditional closing transaction. Our representation includes:

  • Preparation and review of the closing documents
  • Explanation of the closing process and transaction details
  • Communication with your lender
  • Procurement of a title insurance binder and policy that provides reasonable coverage of your title
  • Attorney travel to the closing site or use of our office to accommodate your needs

There may be additional fees for multiple lender financing and unforeseen work or circumstances, but any additional fees will be communicated in advance of closing and will be reasonable.