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During typical residential closings in North Carolina, the parties contracting for transferal of property ownership meet to implement the terms of the agreement. In full or abbreviated form, this involves the person purchasing the property (mortgagor), the seller (mortgagee), the lender, the title company representative, and a selling agent or real estate attorney. For a top quality real estate lawyer, Charlotte, NC residents count on Shapiro and Ingle. We will negotiate the terms among all parties so that the closing process goes smoothly.

Clients must execute the North Carolina Offer to Purchase, which details the terms of the agreement. The next step is to provide the fully executed Offer to Purchase to our office to begin the closing process. Our office provides the following services:
  • Preparation and review of the closing documents
  • Explanation of the closing process and transaction details
  • Intermediation among the parties and any lender if financing is involved
  • Procurement of a title insurance binder and policy that provides reasonable coverage of your title
  • Attorney travel to the closing site or use of our office to accommodate your needs

Any additional fees (multiple lender financing, unforeseen work, or other circumstances) will be communicated in advance of closing and will be reasonably priced.

The Day Before Closing

Remember that most residential sale contracts entitle the buyer to a walk-through inspection 24 hours prior to closing. This certifies that the property has been vacated and left in the same condition specified in the contract. If there are problems, the closing may be delayed.

If you have any concerns, consult the real estate lawyers Charlotte, NC trusts; we’ll help you make sense of the process and the necessary documentation. Closing on real estate does not need to be complex or difficult. If you are in the Greater Charlotte metropolitan area or anywhere in North Carolina, contact Shapiro and Ingle Real Estate Law Firm — we handle the details and make your closing process all that it should be.