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A Professional Title Search in North Carolina

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For a high quality title search in North Carolina, Shapiro and Ingle, LLP is the ideal choice. We will perform a comprehensive title search on your property, which will verify the seller owns the property and has the right to sell it.

Our in-house title search department is able to efficiently complete a detailed review of title with the guidance of our attorneys. Shapiro and Ingle prides ourselves on a 48-hour turnaround for title review, which we are able to complete due to our network of field attorneys and paralegals located throughout the state.

You have the option of selecting a limited or full title search. A limited search involves a title update dating from the seller’s title policy that was issued at the time of the previous closing. This is referred to as “tacking.” Shapiro and Ingle, LLP does not give an opinion on title prior to the date of the seller’s policy.

Many buyers prefer the limited search as it is less costly, but there are risks in that the buyer’s only cure for any undiscovered defect is to file a claim on a title insurance policy. Title insurers may elect to pay money damages on the policy rather than take steps to ensure you have clear title.

The advantage of a full title search is that it covers a period of at least 30 years, or back to a developer’s deed (whichever is more recent), and gives you more certainty about your title.

Shapiro and Ingle will procure a title insurance binder and policy for you that will provide reasonable coverage and will explain any exceptions noted on the policy. For real estate closings, North Carolina residents will have to pay the title insurance premium in addition to the closing fees.

Additionally, you have the option to have a survey performed in connection with your closing. Should you choose not to obtain a survey; the final title insurance policy will except from coverage any title defects a survey would have disclosed.

Common defects a survey would disclose include encroachments (e.g., structures from neighboring land that “encroach” on your property), zoning issues (e.g., structure is too close to a setback line), and acreage discrepancies (i.e., not as much land as you thought you were getting).

Come to the professionals at Shapiro and Ingle, LLP for your next title search. North Carolina residents from the mountains to the coast can count on us for dependable service. Click the button below to get started!